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Rugged Dual Frequency


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I have been wanting a rugged phone with a good sized battery and dual frequency gps.  It’s not something that I would anticipate using as a phone, but we are starting to think about a kayak camping trip and other adventures. . .


Ulefone finally introduced the power armor 18t.  It is not like I needed a new device but I thought about how good Locus maps would look on it and then there is a very good sale out of China for the next few days.  As far as I know it’s the first one with dual frequency - although with enough protection the definition of rugged can be stretched.



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That may be a good unit.  I had a quick look over the specs, seems pretty good.


I'm on my second Blackview phone, similar, and I'm happy.  (GPS accuracy on the first went bad after a few years, and I suspect abuse might've dislodged the antenna.)  My current BV9900 Pro is single frequency, quad GNSS, and it seems quite accurate, getting 26-28 satellites on a good day - but oddly, never WAAS.


I can't believe the pace at which they're cranking out new models.  And if you can find a brand that actually spec's the GNSS abilities - as you've done - you're in luck.


PS, I'm a cartophile, and finally treated myself to a big-a** Samsung tablet, all to make maps even more of a beautiful thing.  I use Locus too.  I hardly touch the phone except for caching, because, yowza, the big screen on that tablet...


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I noticed that the AMG’s rugged Glory and G2 Guardian have models with dual frequency gps support.  

Ulefone has a second dual frequency model with a thermometer instead of a thermal imaging.  


Doogee has a rugged dual frequency model with a 22000mAh battery.  A model with only a 10000+ battery also has L1 + L5



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Garmin GPSMAP 65 is as good as it comes for that. Supports all the countries different GNSS and augmentation satellites, really sensitive under coverage still beating out the GPSMAP 64 as well as the 66/67 series in testing and far above any fadphone. 


In USA it gets 6 foot/sub 2 meter accuracy easily most places until you really get covered or walk down a skyscraper street though still remains reasonably accurate then too especially comapred to others. Supports that new L5 signal as well that they started adding since 2012, it's up to 18 satellites now so mostly full constellation. I like that it's not bogged down with fad features either like too much bluetooth and apps so it runs reliably and smoothly. 

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