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Most often when searching for caches to seek using the geocaching.com website I have to repeat the entry of location, What I mean is I go to Geocaching.com and go to "Search" where you can enter a location and enter the location I desire such as "Boiling Springs, Pa." Most often after entering the location I get a response with a blank screen with a notice of cannot respond (did not write  down the exact terms used). 


Then I need to go back to the the first page and enter the info again, usually it works the second time, sometimes third time is needed.


Is this something with Geocaching.com or something on my computer interfering with proper response to the query? its does not hurt anything just annoying to have to constantly repeat locations when searching. I may do that when searching for a particular cache also.


Just looking for possible reasons. Using iMac OS 12.6.


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