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pocket query feature request: regex filter on cache name (or/and cache description)


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We are a big fan of mystery caches because we love to solve the puzzles. However, we see that more than half of the mystery caches in our neighbourhood are in fact bonus caches for adventure labs without any puzzles so solve.


We would very much like to be able to filter out all the bonus caches when we select mystery cache. As far as we understand this is only possible by creating a pocket query where you can exclude the attribute 'bonus cache'. However, in this case you are dependent on whether the CO added the 'bonus cache' attribute to the mystery cache. Unfortunately, we see that this is often not he case! We also noted that in most cases 'bonus' is mentioned in the cache name. In some cases it is only mentioned in the cache description. It would be great if we could exploit this feature when we create the pocket query for selecting mystery caches without bonus caches.


Would it be possible to add to the pocket query the possibly to apply a regex filter on either the cache name or cache description?



Team ValTho



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