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iOS Widget Should Respect My Current App Filters


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I'm using the iOS Widget on my iPhone 11 Pro (iOS version 16.0, App version 9.12.0 (1805)) and I wish it would show me only the nearby caches that respect my current filter settings in the app.  Instead it's showing me things I don't care about, like Mystery caches and Multi-caches.  I typically only care about Traditional caches and caches that are Regular and Large in size.  Is it possible that a future version of the app widget can respect the filter settings?

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Hi, we have currently paused the active development of the widget on iOS because we don’t see many active app users installing it. There are many features we would like to include in the widget in the future, such as the one you mentioned. We had removed the widget respecting Filters in the app because that had let to confusion (since you don’t see / can’t access your Filters from the widget it looked to some like some caches were simply missing). So ideally, the widget would be able to support both paradigms. If or when we pick up development on the widget again in the future, you’ll see it in the release notes (or notice it on your widget :) ).

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