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Map sometimes shows error message (German localization)


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I am not sure whether this is a known problem, but the map sometimes just shows an error message:




It happens if the result set contains a cache with a log draft and seems to be related to the rendering of the list of caches in the sidebar. You may need to scroll down to actually trigger the error.


Only the German localization has this problem. Everything works fine after switching to English in my preferences. Taking a closer look, I noticed that the German localization looks like this:


"draft": {
    "one": "Entwurf",
    "other": "Entwürfe"


The English localization looks like this:

"draft": "Draft"


So maybe the German localization is not structured in the way it should be.


The search results table is not affected since it always uses English descriptions for the cache status.

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2 hours ago, waschbaer66 said:

I am sure that this error is related to the German language package.


It's not only the German language package but the general localization of the map.

All other options have been exhausted over time by our engineers since these reports have continued coming in for some time.

At this point the only long-term solution is to completely rejig how the map is localized which among other things will need decoupling of the map and its translator and changes to how translations are rendered. These are significant changes that rebuild a larger portion of the whole map implementation.

We understand the frustration and are actively looking at solutions. It's due to the size of the needed work that this will take another while.

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