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Newly created list won't map on web site


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I created a new list today called BikeRide.   When I try to map it via the "map it" icon on the website  it went to this URL, https://www.geocaching.com/play/map/lists/BMBD383,  and reports 

Sorry, we couldn’t find what you’re looking for

Please check the spelling or try one of these quick searches:

However if I move to my phone and go to the mobile app, I can see the map (which is good since I'll have my phone with me on my bike ride!).


Note that I can map the lists I created before today on the website.   





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Yes, I believe that the map system needs to index a list before it will render it on the map. This is why you are running into issues and why you will sometimes see reports of people saying a newly published cache is not appearing (these also need to be indexed). It should occur quite quickly, but sometimes there are slowdowns or even occasional hiccups that prevent given elements from displaying.

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