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Caches in Newfoundland


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Well, we haven't visited any caches in Newfoundland yet, but if you have some time to visit one of the best parks in Eastern Canada, check out Gros Morne National Park. We highly recommend the trip...Gros Morne has many day trails and treks, including a challenging and excellent backpacking adventure: The Long Range traverse. Lots of things to do for the day or a few...


So if you're on the Western side of Newfie, check it out, it'd be worthwhile for sure!

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I would highly recommend doing Amelia's Obstacle, GC13E0.


It was the only one that we did in Newfoundland last summer (there was only a couple at that time). The scenery is beautifull and the history lesson was well worth it. We intend to visit it again on our next trip.


There are quite a few now, some are in the Signal Hill area that would be a must visit for tourists in the St. John's area.


Enjoy your trip!


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Originally posted by Cyber-Ghost:

I am going to Newfoundland on vacation for about 12 days.I want to do a couple of geocaches while there, any comments on which are best?


Well if you drive through Labrador City there are a few good ones *s* and one is a Geoquilt cache!!!


Gordon Parsons, Labrador

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