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Drafts: Failed to upload drafts. Please try again later.


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Any body any idea why I'm getting an error "Failed to upload drafts. Please try again later." on the Drafts (Field notes) page? (see attached picture pls)


I tried different browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and I tried on different computers, where my work VM is hosted in the US, so I even tried to upload my drafts from different continents.
So I accessed the page from browsers that I've never accessed it.
I tried to press [Ctrl]+[F5] to reload completely.
I tried to upload the geocache_visits.txt file from different disks (not only straight from Garmin)

Thank you.



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The cause of this is usually one of two problems:

  • The first column in one or more of the lines in the file contains something other than a valid GC code
  • The fourth column (the log contents) contains extra quote marks (the parser looks for and can only handle a single paired set of quotes in this column)
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It would be helpful if the error message says something like "We have troubles with parsing the geocaching_visits.txt, please check the format"

"Try again later" implies an self repairing error. But in this case the error will be thrown always. 

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