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Trail Maps of Ontario

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Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction here. Firstly, thanks to everyone for the assistance with the difital mapping software questions....we're up and running now.


We've hit another road block though. Does anyone know of a published source for Trail Maps in Ontario conservation areas? Specifically we're trying to find maps for the conservation areas in the Durham region, but beyond fairly large scale maps showing the locations of the conservation areas (and of course the topographical details from the toporama maps) we have been unable to locate any published maps showing the marked trail systems within these areas. Would any one be able to tell me if: a) such a product even exists (I am more or less assuming that if the trails are marked in the areas that somewhere there exists a map showing their layout, if only for maintenance purposes). and B) if it does exist, where it can be found for purchase.


I would be interested in any information, and would be happy finding them in any format, digital or paper.


Thanks very much!



Team Bradinn


"When I was a young man, I journeyed to the West to find myself......it turns out I had the wrong coordinates."

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I think you might be asking for a bit too much. You might try contacting the conservation authority to see if they have paper copies, like brochures. I think the closest you may get is the plywood sign posted at the entrance at the parking lot. :-)


This month I was out in Alberta in Kananaskis hiking. We met up with another guy hiking with a GPS. His *JOB* was to hike the trails and map the hiking trail system this summer. So we explained about using software like OziExplorer to download the tracklog from his GPS, etc. I hate to think he might have been plotting things manually on a paper topo-map.

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I've been trying to think of a good way save trail maps myself. Using the GPS track feature is the most obvious way to record them. I'm using the Garmin software with my eMap and the new version allows you to edit the tracks. This can be handy for removing strays from the trail and phantom reflections etc. The problem is how do you save the tracks alone in such a way so that you can import them in later to build a hike?



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