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Bug with Event owner's name in calendar


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There's a strange bug in the event calendar where all events for an owner are showing as the most recent alias used


For example, user goldpot has 4 future events listed

  • GC9WDM0
  • GC9WEG3


For GC9WEHQ, which is the last event, the event owner alias was changed to Purplepot. The owner name for the other events remain as goldpot.


However, when you look at the events calendar, all 4 events show the owner as Purplepot


Steps to recreate:

  1. Create two events
  2. Change the owner alias for the second (most recent) event to something else
  3. Click on your profile to go to your account dashboard
  4. In the top right is nearby events, click go
  5. You'll see the owner for both events are showing as the alias you set for only the second event


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