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  1. I came to report the same issue. There is nothing in the release notes to suggest Groundspeak did this deliberately
  2. Go through a user's profile and look at the geocaches they have found Scroll down until it says "load more caches". When the additional caches load they are missing the found date (see pic attached)
  3. When I'm searching for a specific cache on the app I'm usually copy/pasting it so having the "GC" prefix pre-populated just adds 3 extra button presses to delete it or you end up with GCGC12345 It adds enough extra time and interrupts the user flow enough that I.felt it worth making the post rather than just deleting it each time I do a search for a specific cache!
  4. Updating coords only allows manual typing of numbers. While this is useful for the tiny number of caches where you get written coords at a stage, it's slower for the vast, vast majority of caches where you have to do any sort of calculations. Example - You reach stage 1, paste the formula from the description into your personal notes and then calculate the final coords. Now you have no way of copy/pasting the coords into where you edit them At best you can add a new waypoint, paste the coords into the waypoint name and then manually type them to update the coords. Or I usually end up having to open the cache in the browser (which can't be done offline) Please could you allow coords to be updated by just pasting them in? Thanks
  5. The text on the Placed Date filter has gone German. I have never had german as my language setting and it's not my home country either.
  6. This is great but a while ago you took away the most useful tool for a CO - the ability to put a NM on our own caches. I still cannot work out why this was necessary. Please could you add this functionality back?
  7. I came here to report this same issue. Glad it's already being looked into!
  8. I had to use the website to redo it all manually. Missing finds is a sigificant issue with the app as that is the very core functionality! I haven't had any response from anyone at Groundspeak which is disappointing
  9. I went out for a days caching and saved my logs as drafts. When I got back to the hotel, i opened the drafts, edited them and submitted them and received the "success" message for each one. However, while some caches did indeed submit correctly (GC15C6) others remain as a smiley in my app but don't show on the site 72 hours later (GCAB9F) and others went from my drafts, but don't show as a smiley either on the site or in the app (GC6WHXW) Could someone look into this for me? Thanks!
  10. Coming up to it's one year anniversary of this bug being reported, any chance you'll fix the issue where the waypoint name is reset if you try to edit the co-ordinates? Thanks!
  11. Following on from the enormous success of the limited release of virtual caches, is there any appetite for a similar limited release of new Lost & Found events to mark the 20th anniversary in May 2020?
  12. Never say never. APE caches increased by 100% and a whole new bunch of new virtuals were released. GCHQ might change their mind and hold a block party in the future and Lost & Found might be back for the 20 year celebration in 2020...
  13. From the logs, I know they weren't even looking in the right place. It's a D4 for a reason... so yes, I've had to post an OM. But this doesn't feel like the right solution when I haven't had to maintain anything.
  14. Yes I did, the links say it should be posted to the forum so I did both.
  15. Can I ask why this cache got flagged by the algorithm? It's D4/T4.5 and only had two DNF - one by a cacher with only 65 finds. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC4XERM_hays-galleria Does this really warrant a visit to check the cache?
  16. Isn't it what the "announcements" forum is for? But Groundspeak haven't posted to that since July 2017 https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/forum/4-announcements/ Site is down yet again. Could you advise with some timescales how long this is going to go on for? Thanks
  17. The site won't let me log in at the moment. Why are there so many problems with the website recently?
  18. I normally visit the "releases" section to complain... but this time all the changes seem positive. The suggested cache sizes are much closer to what we see in reality. It feels like the developers have been out and played the game Excellent work!
  19. How do I remove a cache from the "may need help list"? I have caches that are fine, but high D/T so get DNFs. I've logged OM but still they appear on the list. For example, I have a T4.5 cache with tree climb attribute yet people still get there and log a DNF without even attempting to climb. What else can I do? I've had to delete their DNF logs and post an OM but it still says I need to maintain the cache. This CHS seems to really discourage hiding high D/T caches. It appears to be poorly thought out and even more poorly implemented.
  20. This bug has now been fixed. Thanks guys!
  21. https://www.geocaching.com/account/dashboard/unpublishedcaches Under the heading "Your Unpublished Disabled Caches" it shows my caches waiting for review Under the heading "Your Geocaches Waiting for Review" it shows my caches unpublished caches that I have not sent for review yet
  22. I think that's the point. Currently, you *can* update the 'corrected coordinates' for trads and some new COs are changing this, thinking they are updating the headline co-ords.
  23. Sounds like this might be the best solution. Allow COs to change final co-ords on their own caches. Don't allow anyone to change final co-ords on trads. Or of course you could set requirements for new COs... a simple test they understand the features before they can place their first cache... or a minimum number of finds... or both...
  24. I certainly use this feature.. why take it the feature away when it could be solved by a simple pop-up to educate less experienced COs? As a CO with ~3500 FPs I have quite a few caches in very saturated area and it's really difficult to work out where is still available so I need to adjust the final co-ords on my own puzzles and multis. Being able to adjust my final co-ords on my own caches makes it much easier as adjusted co-ords are in the gpx file where waypoints are in a separate gpx file. More and more of my caches now tend to be puzzles/multis as when GCHQ started offering a month free Premium Membership, this removed the PMO protection for special caches - those with expensive or custom containers, or where extreme stealth is required. Inexperienced cachers often broke/stole/exposed these traditional caches. Now COs have to make them puzzles/multis to skew finders to those with a little more experience. Futhermore, I still don't understand what problem needed to be solved that meant COs were no longer allowed to put NM flags on our own caches. This causes me a right pain and my cache maintenance has gone downhill because of it. I hope that GCHQ look to hire a few more developers who actually play the game (both finding and hiding) so they can understand geocaching a little better...
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