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[Bug] Achieved/Cancelled events shown on event calendar on the dashboard


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The event calendar on the dashboard shows me an already canceled and archived (mega) event. I think that shouldn't be happened. Since Corona, it can happen more often that events are cancelled and archived. These shouldn't be displayed in the calendar to prevent confusion.


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This isn't a bug as the Event Widget is working as originally intended.

It goes purely by dates where you've posted a Will Attend on a published Event and archived Events are considered published.


Naturally, when the widget was build several years ago, Event cancellations weren't as common as they've been during the last two years. We'll see how common they'll be in years to come, and if this continues to be an issue, we can consider this for future adjustments to the dashboard and or Event widget.

For now, I recommend you delete your will attend log if you find this confusing. That should resolve the issue.

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For those finding themselves in similar situation and thinking they need to search forever for their will attend log, there is a very simple solution:

  1. Go to the cache details page of the Event in question.
  2. Look at the right column over the "Log a new visit"
  3. Click on "Logged on: DATE"

This will take you straight to the respective log



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