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M&M & Jeremy in a local Saudi newspaper


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An article appeared today in the daily al-Watan newspaper, talking about “Saudis seeking caches thru satellites”. It mentioned Jeremy as the creator of the game and M&M as a young Saudi man and in one case quoting him. At first, I wasn’t sure if the article was talking about geocaching.com because it mentioned things that I could not relate to here, e.g., one has to pay SR.375 for the site to get the service, the search area should not exceed 165km, caches are to be hidden in places where they cannot be tracked by satellites, some of the caches mentioned are in Mekkah & Taif (I’m not aware of caches hidden there yet). The article goes on talking about monetary rewards for finding caches and 25 Saudi men who are competing for them!


If it were not for the names of Jeremy and M&M and the number of caches hidden so far (85), I would think they were referring to another geocaching play.


I have seen references to the game on the internet (on different Arabic forums like the alsaha & mekshat) but I wanted to point out this particular one because the paper is widely read and hence I expect it to generate some interest into the game.


Here is the source:


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