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We are setting a super cache the clues of which are hidden in special silver covered chests, 12cm long. These are hidden in other cache sites within Saudi Arabia and should be left. The chests are not swap-outs. The project is quite ambitious and will take a few months to set up. If you come across the chests before the cache is set and you fancy a go at the Super Cache then record the letter within along with the location... but ssssh! keep it to yourself.

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This sounds like a multi cache where you have several legs. The first leg tells you where the second is and the second tells you where the third is and so on. Those are fun, but yes time consuming.



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Not quite. The idea behind the super cache is that hidden in existing caches is a clue that will reveal a single figure in the co-ordinate of the super cache. Because some caches are so difficult to get to, one took two days drive into the desert to set, the same clue will be in several caches and so if one is lost the treasures within the super cache may still be found. We expect that it will take time, several months at least, to bag the ultimate prize. But what an achievement, what a prize and what fun.


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