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Ooops we did it again!


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Saudi Sapper and I went for another this weekend and bagged M&Ms Edge of the World. Found the Coordinates to be spot on. Pictures attached on cache page (GCB33D).


icon_wink.gif Anticipating snide comments from the Brits on the ease of this one as well. icon_wink.gif




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How bout a snide comment from an American?


It is understandable as a new Geocacher that you would opt for the easier Edge of the World. The M&M version is more accessible and was designed for Grandmother in her 2WD vehicle.


As you mature you will grow into my challenging caches. Course I'm still trying to shake them off my tail!



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Sir, I agree that as Team Army (or any other new Geocacher) "matures", building confidence and experience that we will certainly aspire to bigger and better sites. icon_rolleyes.gif However, if I go to any site and bury a box in a hole and give you a grid that has a 5 meter error, the challenge belongs to you, the seeker. I can always go and re-find my own cache. So, my challenge to you is to "mature" with Team Army in the capture department. Anyone can lay a minefield, but it takes a Sapper to breach one. icon_biggrin.gif

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I hope you and the "Brits" understand my comments are just playful banter. I'm just a "cherry" when it comes to this stuff. From the looks of the latest GEOCACHEs posted and the associated warnings, we've got some challenging new caches to bag.


The other day I had my first flat tire. I was out with a loaner truck just at the edge of radio contact. I had no idea how to remove the spare tire from it's location under the vehicle and couldn't find any instructions on the vehicle. Unfortunately I had to call back to base to ask for help. Kind of embarrassing. Thank goodness I was still within radio contact!


Lesson learned -- always check your spare and be familiar with the use of the jack on the particilar vehicle you might have that day.


My expedition was in for regular maintenance. I'll be glad to get it back.

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