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Couldn't find the cache, tough luck but it all adds to the fun. However please record it on the appropriate web page. The cache may no longer be there and logs of failure are the best of way of finding out that there may be a problem and alerting Geo Rescue to the task.

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How do you guys hide your caches over there? Here, where I'm from they are usually at the base of a tree with some sticks and bark on them. Not very creative. If you ask me. I'm sure you all have a lot less caches but how creative are some of the hides?



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We are so lucky here, we have access to cache sites that would all be behind wire in other places, old forts, abandoned villages, camel trails carved into the rock of deep escarpments, etc. Even what would be major tourists sites in private hands are open to us. Some sites are in the midst of the desert that takes two-days, off-road drive to get to. A challenge for all abilities. The caches themselves are in buildings, old walls, under rock shelves (the favorite at the moment). The containers themselves are getting more creative with coffee pots, jugs, urns, etc. as well as the old faithful Tupperware container. Indeed with the increased security situation we endorse the advice given at another post of using a see-through container at dodgy sites.


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