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Saudi Hot Spots


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This weekend I was out exploring and found a cave with hot damp air escaping from cracks in the walls. The temperature in the cave was at least 20 degrees F higher than the outside temperature. After a climb to the top of the overlooking escarpment I found that the ground was hot in several places as the hot air appeared to be venting in spots. Has anybody found similary "hot spots"?

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That's very interesting.. Did you hide a cache over there?


Just try to be extra careful when you go exploring. Make sure people know where you are going.


There was an accident a couple of years back when people discovered some caves filled with water and decided to go scuba diving. Well, the sad part was some of them got lost underwater and never made it out in time before their supply of oxygen ran out.


So, always think of safety and be prepared for a worst case scenario.




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I understand. I had two vehicles along with my wife and a co-worker. It was a very enjoyable afternoon, but a long tiring drive back home since I chose to drive through the valley rather than stay on the pavement.


I have not yet placed a cache there, but plan on doing so next weekend. I will reveal its location when I publish the cache. It is a great valley to visit, and that cave is a perfect place for a cache.

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