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We now have a cache in Bahrain


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From casual baggers arise the geo-maniacs and casual baggers need caches. I believe that a few easy caches by popular sites gives people an opportunity to do a little extra on their visits and so generate interest. What comes the first the bagger or the cache?


But well done for Bahrain.

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What an interesting question (the chicken or the egg first?)


A bagger derives its meaning from a cache stashed a priori. But there would be no cache without a bagger to hide it .. they coexist, but which is first ?


The apparent argument is that a bagger is the first because he was there, he thought about the game and then proceeded to hide the cache .. but then he could have stumbled on some not-meant to be cache (rare case) and got the idea or when he thought about the game, the cache was there (virtually) and so in this case he is the second ..


Any one interested in this argument ?

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