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Goa, India


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I am new member of GC from Bangalore, India.


You seem to be GeoCaching in India. How do you do this? can you use GPS in India? who is the provider of GPS in India? where can i find GPS instruments?

Details Pl.




I am a business traveler in Mumbai at the moment for a 3 week trip. I have my Magellan 210 with me and it worked just now as I walked onto the roof of the hotel and picked up 8 satellites. It works here in India just as it does anywhere else in the world.


However, for the number of people in India there are VERY FEW GC sites. I only found one in all of the Mumbai area which I will try to visit some time this trip if possible.


I am also considering creating some caches of my own but am worried about how I can avoid them getting disturbed by muggles.


As for getting GPS units, you can surely get them from specialty electronics or sports stores, but I imagine they will probably be fairly pricy here and there apparently does not seem to be much of a market for them... :)

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