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General Question about GPS in Foreign Countries

Stanford Gal

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Okay, this is going to be one of those foolish questions....I realize now that I should have done the homework before I left CA, but did not think of it until I was here in Italy trying to find geocaches with a what I perceive as a gps that will not work. It was a very overcast day as my etrex Venture was trying to find satellites....to no avail. Is this due to the extreme overcast day, or did I not do something I should have to be able to use it in Italy? I would appreciate any assistance to this very naive geocacher.....

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Cloudiness shouldn't block the satellites significantly, I think. However, GPS receivers seem to take longer to find the location if you have moved long away from your last position.


From the eTrex Venture manual:


If you have moved more than 600 miles since you last used the unit you may require use of the 'New Location' option which helps the unit to find itself and speeds aquisition.


How to enter new location:


[On the Satellite Page:]

1. Follow procedures for displaying the Options Menu.

2. Highlight 'New Location' and press in on the CLICK STICK to display choises of 'Auto' or 'Use Map'.

3. If you choose 'Auto' the eTrex Venture will determine your new location automatically.

4. If you choose 'Use Map' a map page will appear with instructions stating, "Point to your approximate location and press ENTER". Use the CLICK STICK to move the map pointer to your location on the map and press it in. This option reduces the time required to search for location.


I didn't know this when I took my Venture to Thailand, and I had to wait quite long before it found the location, but it did after all, even without the procedures mentioned above.


Hope this helps, and happy caching in Italy!


- From the shallow end of the gene pool. -

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