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  1. I just returned from NZ, so I did not get these latest suggestions until my return. Thank you, though, M@, for your suggestions! They do look splendid! One thing about going with a non-geocacher....You have very limited time to actually geocache! I only managed to find two, one in Christchurch and the other in Arrowtown. I wanted to snatch the one in Fiorland, but there were too many people about and I did not wish to jeopardize the cache, so opted to not retrieve it although I was right there! I absolutely loved your country and cannot wait to return. And I must admit, I sit here trying to figure out how I can move there! Thank you for your assistance, and I look forward to returning as soon as I am able! Stanford Gal
  2. Thanks, Donovan -- I have done as you suggested and have sent an email to Team Meem. Hopefully they will provide additional info so that I can attempt those two caches in Queenstown. I look forward to trying yours! As I said, I have two travel bugs I am trying to place there! I'll keep you posted!
  3. Thanks evilC - Those do look like fun caches - I have a TB that I am bringing with me so I want to make sure I at least find one that I can put the lil guy in! Stanford Gal
  4. Next week, I am on my way to New Zealand with a girlfriend, one of those geomuggles as we say, and I was hoping to get her interested in geocaching while there. I saw that there were a lot of recommendations given in the past to those visiting your area....So I thought I'd give it a try and ask for suggestions. As I look at our schedule, I see that really, we will only have time in Auckland (one and a half days) and Queenstown (two days) to go geocaching. We will be without car, so I cannot try for any remote, so I guess I am stuck with the more urban types this time - though I love walking and hiking. Can anyone pass along suggestions? Stanford Gal
  5. Thanks for your assistance -- The information you provided helped me to get my gps working. I appreciate it. Stanford Gal
  6. Okay, this is going to be one of those foolish questions....I realize now that I should have done the homework before I left CA, but did not think of it until I was here in Italy trying to find geocaches with a what I perceive as a gps that will not work. It was a very overcast day as my etrex Venture was trying to find satellites....to no avail. Is this due to the extreme overcast day, or did I not do something I should have to be able to use it in Italy? I would appreciate any assistance to this very naive geocacher.....
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