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How can you make the filtering system useful?

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Today I attempted to "filter" caches.  I selected "caches I hadn't found", "caches I don't own" "caches with a d/t rating greater than 1/1" and "caches that were enabled" and finally "apply".  After numerous tries I got a map that had no smilies and seemed to meet the other criteria.  Then I moved the center a few miles away and hit "search" .  That apparently wiped all the filters clean.  Each time I moved the center, I had to reset all of the filters again.   Is there a way to "lock" the filters, you know to make it actually useful rather than an exercise in frustration.  Thanks,


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 Windows 10 Firefox 97.0


Starting where? from Search? or from a map?

If you're getting a map directly from Search, you may want to get into your profile and edit  Preferences:



Display search results directly on map

If that's checked, uncheck it.


I'm not having difficulty you describe.  I can start from Search, and map from there and do some map shifts. Or I can start with a map, hit "search" on the map, set filters, move the map around, and the filters still apply. If I go back to Browse, I lose filters.


Many changes to Search, see the Release Notes thread. A lot of fixes, some still pending. On the whole, the most damaging of the code errors seem to have been addressed. At least as viewed on a PC.

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So, until the site was "improved," I didn't have any trouble limiting a search by State.  Now, "region" seems to have limited functionality, filtering for "Query: New Jersey" is getting me hits as far from the so-called Garden State as New Hampshire, and, for the life of me, I can't figure out what I"m doing wrong.  I've tried MULTIPLE combinations of input in the field for geographic limitation (City, Zip, . . . why not STATE???)


Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

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20 minutes ago, Harry the furry squid said:

Which column do we click on for "placed by" date in a filtered search these days? For event caches, it's a very relevant piece of information!


The one on the far right called "Placed on", which for event caches is the date of the event.




If your screen isn't wide enough to show all the columns, click on the three dots on the right to select which columns to view.

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