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Geocache Size Guide for New Geocachers


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Found this Geocache Size Guide on another website and though I would share for anyone that is unsure about Cache sizes when hiding a cache.

Micro: The most common cache size, a micro Geocache container contains only a small logbook. A Micro geocache is less than 100ml. A nano is an even smaller version, but is usually marked as Micro.

Small: A small container is 100ml-1L in size. A small container can hold a pencil, a logbook, and small swag.

Regular: The size of a Regular cache container ranges from 1L-20L. A regular cache container can hold a logbook, swag, and a pencil. These types of containers can also be used for TB Hotels.

Large: A large cache container is the most rare of cache sizes. A large cache size is over 20L. Large cache containers can hold lots of swag, a logbook, and a pencil. These cache containers can also be used as TB Hotels.

Virtual: A virtual cache container is usually a Virtual Cache or Earthcache types. Virtual cache do not have a physical container.

Other: A cache with an Other marking says that that particular geocache does not fit in any of the categories above. Other cache containers may have unnatural shapes or are nanos.



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