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Caches with Android Auto

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Surprisingly I haven't found any thread on Android Auto and Geocaching here yet, so I'm going to open this one.

Please move it to the respective threat if it fits better there.

For a short time I am a "proud owner" of an Android Auto capable car radio.

Of course, it want to display Geocaches as POIs in Google Maps on my radio.

To do this, the caches are exported as CSV in GSAK and imported into Google Maps, My Places -> Map. A bit more embellished with the corresponding icons depending on the cache type, the result looks very promising, see attached image.

The problem is, these POIs are not displayed on my Android Auto radio. I haven't found any way to activate this either.

Does anyone know if and if so, how to do it?


As an alternative, I also thought of using Locus Maps or [deleted]

But my (admittedly short) research has shown that both apps are probably not Android Auto capable:

Locus Map


Which app do you use in connection with Android Auto to display caches as POIs and, if necessary, to select them as a route?

Do you have any recommendations?






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