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Bug or bad handling

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I downloaded some caches the day before yesterday on the site, I can see them on the Montana 700 (V6 pro card) and Oregon 650 (V3 pro card) but they are represented on the card by the green dot and the pin a red head, something that was not there before and when I launch the "Go" function on Oregon I have the route in a straight line while in Montana I have a route following the roads.
This is a bug, thanks for your help
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So your cache icons are showing as if they’re waypoints?  Is there any cache info available?

What is your process to place cache files onto your devices?  If you’ve done it many times before without issue, you could try deleting the recent files and load new ones.  Sometimes the files are the problem (not often).


Is the routing selection OK for you on your GPSs?  Street routing on a car nav and direct routing on a hiking GPS is a pretty good plan.

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14 hours ago, kunarion said:

Vos icônes de cache s'affichent donc comme s'il s'agissait de waypoints ? Existe-t-il des informations sur le cache ?

Quel est votre processus pour placer les fichiers de cache sur vos appareils ? Si vous l'avez déjà fait plusieurs fois sans problème, vous pouvez essayer de supprimer les fichiers récents et d'en charger de nouveaux. Parfois, les fichiers sont le problème (pas souvent).


La sélection de routage vous convient-elle sur vos GPS ? Le routage routier sur un système de navigation automobile et le routage direct sur un GPS de randonnée sont un très bon plan.


When I red  your answer or you were referring to the routing of my gps, I l looked and indeed l had the wrong settings, but 8 days ago everything was working fine . thanks again 

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