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Lonely Caches - qualify for challenge?

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There's a local challenge cache that requires you have a certain number of points based on length of time between the last find prior to yours and yours.  (Longer span = more points.)  So I'm thinking I need to export my finds to Excel, put in the date of my find and the last find, and then I can write a formula to assign the number of points.  Right?  And hopefully update it as I find old enough caches until I meet the requirement.  Is there any way to automate the exporting of the dates?  I don't want to have to hand-enter all that data.  I tried on www.project-gc.com but the results take me into geocaching.com, where I don't see a way to export even the GC codes, let alone the data info.  Is there a way to automate this?  I'd even pay for a membership to a site that would do this plus other similar functions to qualify for other challenges.

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If I were pursuing this, I'd go to project gc, to the checker page and enter Lonely.  https://project-gc.com/Tools/Challenges

This generates a list of checkers.  One of them is apt to output what's needed, or be close


On each checker you'll see tag config  - click it for statement of what that checker is doing.  


As far as I know, there are two forms of checker, one divides life of cache by finds, the other counts days from your find to the previous find, or to placed date, if you were FTF.




 This checker is checking date of last find to your find date. I believe it's doing what you need -minimum "lonely" count is 183, and your challenge may be less or more. That said, it lists 12 finds of yours more than 183 days lonely, with dates of find, and days lonely.

There are other checkers with different tag config statements


Paying for project gc membership will get you a huge amount of stats info.


Assuming  GC2R887  -  not having actually done the arithmetic, I speculate you qualify.  On that page a log offers this checker https://project-gc.com/Challenges//54714

which will out put all your finds 183 days lonely.  

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WOW!  That is super helpful.  I didn't realize there were challenge checkers on project-GC.  Clearly I hadn't fully explored it!  I went ahead and signed up for a membership.  And you must be some kind of creepy stalker to figure out the cache I'm talking about.  ;-)  Thanks!  

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52 minutes ago, Shawna426 said:

creepy stalker to figure out the cache I'm talking about.  ;-)  Thanks!  


:D sure thing...

well, in truth, it was easy to work out. Search -> Oregon  regional search,  Mystery with challenge attribute, placed date pre- April 20 2015.

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