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"View larger map" not working correctly

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1 hour ago, BuckyBoyEcht said:

when I click on the "View larger map" link on a cache page more often than not I get a map based on my home coords in stead of a map based on the cache from which I wanted to see te environments of, has been occurring once or twice before but now it is becoming really annoying...

I'm just going to show you a different forum thread where someone else mentioned seeing the same issue:


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A related issue.  Once I find a cache page I might like to see the location on the larger map (to get better bearing on getting to it), I click on the "Geocaching.com Map" link.  That used to show the cache centralized on the 'Search Caches' map with the name of the cache that I was just on at the top of the list.  That no longer happens.  In fact the icon for the cache I'm interested in sometimes does not show at all on the larger map. I hope that this can be fixed soon. 




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