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urwigo - First command button only appears once!?

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I'm testing out a part for my build to combine items.

for this purpose I use the items 'commands' 



What I have is working, but the combine button only shows up once!.


after I click on 'Combine with..." I get a new button "Actions(2)" 
(This is not really a problem but I could do without is extra step)


The real problem is that when I go back to the Inventory screen, and choose the Item again, it goes directly to 

the "Actions(2)" button. 

But for the player to be clear what to do, I would prefer the 'Combine with..." button.


So my question, how to get the 'Combine with..." back?

I added my .urwigo file here:







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Magnet.CombineEnabled = false is there for a purpose, if I remove it "Combine with..." will show up in the list of items which can be used to combine with.

(see image 4). That is something i don't want, Combine with should not be one of the choices.




But even with  Magnet.CombineEnabled = false removed, if you pick the item the second time around it will show "Actions(3)"



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I think I mis-understood your request. You want the item commands to display as "Rope" and "Magnifying Glass" instead of "Actions 2." If that is the issue there is not really a work around if you keep these as item commands. Item commands display differently in almost every Wherigo player and emulator. For example, in the IOS app these would display as a list.


If your just concerned about how they appear in the urwigo emulator one alternative is you could change the item commands to a multi-choice input. 

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jerXjacYou could do everything from one item command and delete two of the commands--this would remove the "Actions 2 Screen." Inside your command "combine with..." you can create a message with two buttons. You will need to create three messages, one for each option of your If/Else Statement (if player contains rope, if player contains magnet ect) . Each message reads "combine with" and then when you click on the message, add text for buttons: Rope, Magnifying Glass, and the third message contains both.


You will need to move the code from the commands "rope" and "magnifying glass" under the corresponding messages and then delete the commands "rope" and "magnifying glass." Here is example for the "Magnet" item using your original urwigo file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eh7f412sais904r/Combine.urwigo?dl=0


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