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puzzle with lists

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When I go the my premium account and look at my lists, i have one based on a PQ i ran today, and that is correct. However, when I go to the app on my phone, there are 2 lists. They have different names so I know which is which, but I cannot delete the unneeded list. The only thing I was able to do is remove offline data from the unwanted list. How do I delete a list from the phone app?

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Do you mean you see a Pocket Query that you can't delete?


"Lists", and "Pocket Queries" that have been generated (ready to download), all show up in the same place on The App as "Lists".  But generated PQs automatically disappear in 7 days.  At least that's how it used to work.


You can't delete the Pocket Query, I guess because the download is active on the site for the full 7 days.  You have a limit to the number of Pocket Queries that can be run, and if you could delete it, you'd have to run it again if you deleted it in error.


Anyway, I think it's a feature, not a bug.


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I ran a PQ. I downloaded it to my offline caching apps. I used it to create a new list. I deleted the PQ from my online PQ que. The new list shows up in my online account and in the Iphone app. However, the previous list is also there and I have no means to delete it. The only thing I can do is remove offline data.

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