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garmin GPX track to google earth pro inaccuracy?

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Hi all
I find for every track I record on my eTrex 35 that I then drop onto google earth pro (GEP), the track distance shown on google earth (as "Range Total" for "Distance") is always shorter than that shown on the GPS.

For example, a route we did today shows up as 9.6 miles on the Garmin but in GEP it is 6.77 miles.

Is this because GEP shows an "as the crow flies" distance, i.e. flat point-to-point, while the Garmin shows actual distance walked, which includes all the ups and downs? The GEP track data is attached. Any idea how I can change this?



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A very common question.


When you say the GPSr track distance is always longer, are you referring to the Trip Distance reported on the Trip Computer page?


There is a simple explanation I think you are already starting to realize, and it is explained in detail at GPSrChive > How To... > Tracks > Track vs Trip Computer.


GEP may do some lite 'track editing' during import that further accentuates this phenomenon. 

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