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Old Search Disabled?

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Has the old search page been disabled?


geocaching.com/seek sent us to the old search, which I still prefer, but now the results just come back blank on the new search page.


I tried to find info in the forums or the announcements, but searching for the word "search" doesn't really come up with great options!

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Not disabled so much as partially borked, perhaps...


Some of the searches are still using the old geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx... links and they're fine. But other searches are being routed to the geocaching.com/play/search?... links and some of those aren't quite right by the looks of it. Searching by country and state for example, didn't work for me. Searching by address or postal code went through the old geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx... links and worked fine. Searching by lat/long was routed to a geocaching.com/play/search?... link and appeared to work.


So you've got some that work the old way, some that work the new way and some that just... don't work.


The old advanced search appears untouched so far.

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