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Wrong log date when logging a trackable

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When I use the app to log a trackable, the log date is always set to yesterday.

This happens with all log types: retreive, drop and discover.


When I log a cache it gets the right date, so I assume it's a bug in the app.


I live in The Netherlands, so it might be a time zone bug.


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Since the "report a bug"-topic says it's preferred to bump a old thread with the bug report instead of making a new one I'll just bump this 2.5 years old topic that the trackable log is still always set to yesterday. It's getting frustrating having to edit these logs to get the correct date and as a user it's hard to understand why this is such a hard fix it hasn't been solved in the multiple years since it was first reported.

There's also a report about this here (which is almost 3 years old), I dunno maybe the threads should be merged: 


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