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Erwinia of B & E

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Merry Christmas to all! Hope everyone got a nice shiny new GPS for Christmas. We have a question for all you Southeast area Geocachers. We are closing in on our 300th find. We would like to hear some suggestions as to what would be a worthy cache for this occasion. Here are some of our criteria:


A nice hike would be a good place to start. We would be willing to make a fairly long hike if there was some interesting scenery along the way. We like the ones that provide a challenge and get our adreneline flowing (like "Bull's Run", which we did for our 200th find). It needs to be within a 3 hour drive from Charlotte, NC, so that we could do it over a long weekend. We do like a challenge, but we don't want it to be impossible, either. We don't want to drive 3 hours and hike 5 miles only to leave frustrated because we weren't able to find it.


So, that is what we're looking for. Any suggestions? Botrytisfree and Erwinia

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. . . is my recommendation, if you haven't already done that one (click here). Although it might be a bit of a drive from Charlotte, it's one of my all-time favorites. There's a nice long hike in a beautiful area. The cache itself is challenging (it's small and sat reception is iffy), but not impossible. I think there's a micro-cache piggy-backed on this one, too, although we didn't know about it until later.


BTW, congrats on reaching such a fine geocaching milepost!




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I would have to suggest that Waterfall 3 cache in Mississippi (barely) has to be the best for the hike over the river rock stream beds, through the Tunica hills, and the scenery of 4 waterfalls along the way. A tip, bring plenty of water with you. Even in the cool weather the humidity can drain you. This was the most personally achieving cache I have done yet. he hike is a long but beautiful one over some rough terrain sometimes, but not too much. Good luck and congrats on #300.


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