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Permission no longer needed?


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I put a lot of research into an Earthcache local to me to me including permission from the photographer that produced the signage and the land manager. Photographer said go for it, land manager said no unless I signed an agreement accepting all liability for anything that happened at GZ, I declined. A couple months later I see the same local feature with GZ within 6 feet of what I had originally planned, published as an Earthcache. I logged it as a find, provided answers for the requirements, but asked the CO how he obtained permission since I was expressly denied, his reply was "I never considered asking for permission." Has Geocaching/Earthcaching sunk to this level? 

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Just dropping this in here.

According to the guidelines for EarthCaches
4. Landowner or land manager permission is required for most EarthCache locations
, and the name, title, and contact details of the person who approved it must be included in a Reviewer Note. Most land managers, once they are told that concept and that no physical container will be left behind, are happy to have an EarthCache in their park, forest, etc. We would suggest however, that you develop EarthCaches in partnership with the land managers to ensure that sensitive areas are avoided. Depending on local laws and customs, permission may not be required, but this should also be included in a Reviewer Note.

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