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  1. I put a lot of research into an Earthcache local to me to me including permission from the photographer that produced the signage and the land manager. Photographer said go for it, land manager said no unless I signed an agreement accepting all liability for anything that happened at GZ, I declined. A couple months later I see the same local feature with GZ within 6 feet of what I had originally planned, published as an Earthcache. I logged it as a find, provided answers for the requirements, but asked the CO how he obtained permission since I was expressly denied, his reply was "I never considered asking for permission." Has Geocaching/Earthcaching sunk to this level?
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    Thanks, self-reported to the moderators.
  3. No, you have my apologies. I just returned home after several days without internet access and found your post that I assumed was another attempt to log a find on a virtual object. Now that I've solved your puzzle and your IP address that leads me directly to where the trackable is I'll gladly follow the path. This game began with finding real things you can pick up, stuff hidden in real, actual points on the planet, places that were calculated with GPS coordinates. Your puzzle is good but it takes me to a nether world on my computer where I can't pick up the actual object. All well and good for a basement dweller but what about people that want to get out in the sunlight, do something interesting, and sign the log of something that's not "virtual" that they can hold in their hand.
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    @Max & 99 My daughter in SW MO is due 24 May and I need to be there, there are a few caches on the way, but trust me, girlie understands. Proposed route is below. Question, is 44 between OKC and Joplin still under construction and jacked up? Is 40 east a good option or would 60 east be better? Apologies for the incoherent questions but I've been dealing with more burro matters over the last week than interstate matters.
  5. Thanks, I've been baking south of the border for five days so thanks for the jolt. DISREGARD ANY AND ALL POSTS MADE BY 31BMSG PRIOR TO THIS! Question, but I'll start another thread.
  6. Isn't Geocaching about finding physical things in the real world? I'm probably wrong but what's the point of finding something in the virtual world, trackable included? Aren't there other games that involve finding virtual stuff in virtual worlds already? I need to start a 12 step program to help "I found something" people obsessed with finding "something". You found a rock? Great job, we'll add a number to your score.
  7. Thanks! Since you've been on staff you should ask they release graphics that compare COVID-19 to the last five years of seasonal flu deaths. It could hurt funding but could also let the populace know how dire their straits really are. I would think that a portion of the curve flattening would include reducing the stress on the public, IMHO.
  8. Thanks, share you source? I'm a numbers guy.
  9. Common sense is a good thing in my opinion, badges are the last resort, but I still like badges.
  10. I referenced the curve for the for the United States as a whole with no reference to a particular region. Putting that in perspective, of course a region where people are stacked on top of people fighting a human-human contact disease will have more casualties, your point?
  11. Sure you can, just state on the cache page you've been granted authority by (insert government entity here) to adjudicate anyone you suspect to have broken the law and punish accordingly, as long as you have the authority of a judge go for it.
  12. It's government contract, they get paid for the size of the sign not the content.
  13. Did I somehow miss out on cache owners being deputized to enforce the law during this panic? I kinda like badges.
  14. But you are saying tough times mean no measures.
  15. Sometimes, some people like the responsibility of being in control of their own lives. BTW, didn't the "curve", in the US, flatten like six days ago?
  16. I've tried all combinations but have failed so I'll send a post , thanks! Now back on topic.
  17. Off topic, but could I message you to relay a compliment to Australia Post? No matter the international format I enter they don't seem to accept a Texas, USA phone number on their website.
  18. I agree, I can't sign the log on the ISS or make a trip to Antarctica but give me a find anyhow because I thought about making the trip but it didn't happen. /s There is already a game that lets you travel to imaginary places to find imaginary things, perhaps you should try that.
  19. cerberus1, no disagreement here and not directed at you, I just latched onto your comment about the handle of a gas pump. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is an enveloped virus, which means it relies on a lipid “envelope” to protect the RNA molecule from falling apart, once the RNA falls apart the virus is no longer viable. Lipids disintegrate in a hydrocarbons environment so I would imagine if you smell gasoline in the area around a gas pump you are probably safer than touching a shopping cart or a can of green beans. I've yet to find a documented case of COVID-19 acquired only by surface contact but would welcome a citation that doesn't rely on the words would, could, if, or Facebook. Even though my location is surrounded by seven counties covering about 30454.71 square miles, with an overall population density of 1.9 per sq. mile, and 1 case of COVID-19 100 miles away, I’m still sticking close to the house and taking the precautions I THINK are necessary for MY location. This has given me a chance to look at information without the drama Facebook, Twitter, and the news media provide. If it’s time to give up and jump off a bridge so be it, but I would rather make that decision based on the information I’ve gathered myself rather than the information provided by the aforementioned organizations, my glass is half full. It’s pretty dry reading since it doesn't contain drama and you have to think for yourself, but https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/, http://www.healthdata.org/, and https://www.cdc.gov/ have raw data you can analyze to make your own decisions.
  20. Is your concern the cache was published after the parks were closed or that you think the CO may have violated the order to hide the cache? You do know the publish and hidden dates listed on the cache page can be dated weeks after the cache is actually put in place, some of my caches have placed dates two weeks after the date I actually hid the container. If you haven't been in contact with the CO how are you determining the actual date he put the container in place?
  21. Maybe they are responding differently because every city and state may not be the same? My county has gone above state guidelines and has closed all hotels, motels, RV parks, and anything else that can be used as temporary lodging. The adjoining county sheriff has made the statement "if you don't have a firearm, now is the time to buy one". Would the policies in place here work in your area?
  22. Why, yes you are, it took me 5 times to spell giraffe to Google figure out where you were, welcome
  23. Apologies, I posted a bunch of factual numbers but they went to the ether, I'll bow out.
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