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Garmin Oregon 700 can I rename GPX traces in the field

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I occasionally  upload GPX to Open Street map to add new map features. It would be helpful to be able to save and rename a trace to sumething more useful, in the event I need to save multiple traces on the same trip.


From the save track window I only have an option to save the current trace data,  with no option to rename it to something more useful than Track 2021 04 17 125348.

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You can rename tracks at the point of saving and even after, within the GPSr.

When you click on the floppy button to save, there is a confirmation window, containing the name (e.g. 2021-04-26 12:00:00 ) and other data. Just tap on that line and it opens the keyboard and you can write whatever you want. And then you tap the checkmark and click on the green floppy button at the bottom of the screen as normal.


TO rename them after they have been saved, go to Track Manager, find the track you want, tap on it, and then in the same manner as above, tap on the name line.



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