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that the US Army has mis-identified their equipment for decades??  They call a M110 8 inch self-propelled gun a howitzer. But the category that lists in it's description that it is for howitzers has decided that, because they are self-propelled, they aren't artillery, or that they aren't howitzers. Even though there are 4 other self=-propelled guns that have been accepted for this category.

it should be in Static Ground Equipment, which specifically declines these because they are "howitzers" and they should be in artillery.


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3 hours ago, Alfouine said:

If you publish it in Military ground equipment i will approve it, it's the right category

from Military Ground Equipment Displays - Expanded Description -- Artillery, Howitzers, and cannons should be placed in the Static Artillery Displays category) .

The Army calls it a howitzer.  I think 203mm would fit in large caliber

noun: artillery
  1. large-caliber guns used in warfare on land.
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now, if the Artillery Category stated something like "All artillery must be towed behind" or some such. And/or "Any self-propelled must be in Mil Ground Equip."


But then, the Navy can not have any artillery? Those big guns on battleships and such I believe would fit large caliber, but as they are on ship, they would be "self-propelled"

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The category does not accept howitzer but i am sure it's only non self-propelled howitzer (description need to be modified), and only you is able to make a difference between a self-propelled howitzer and a tank

I confirm that i will accept it and will motivate my decision in my comment

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OK. A tank is usually considered to have it's crew surrounded by armor in a revolving turret that moves the gun barrel.


the M110 has only the driver in an armored position, the rest of the crew is outside, in the elements and open to being fired upon. It has small movements for the gun barrel, up/down and left/right, but only small adjustments, not revolving turret. It's main change of impact is moving the entire vehicle, as it is with a towed artillery piece.

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