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What happens when AL or indidual waypoints are deleted?

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Yesterday a local cacher published an AL, which I completed. I'm fairly sure it had 5 waypoints at the time.  Let's just say the AL was not ready for publication, and it is no longer visible in the app.


If I look at my profile, it shows that I've completed 4 waypoints. Does deleting a waypoint actually remove them from players finds, is something else going on, or am I simply misremembering that it originally had 5 waypoints?


The link to the AL from my profile no longer works, e.g. I get redirected to https://labs.geocaching.com/ Is this what happens when an AL is deleted? If the AL is simply turned off, links to it should still work right (at least it does when I use the id of my own unpublished lab)? Does the CO get their AL credit back or did they just waste it completely, presumably by accident?

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