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Feature request - toggle corrected co-ords on/off map


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Apologies if this has been raised before. Could a future upgrade please include the possibility to toggle the 'corrected co-ordinates' on/off on the map? It would really help when setting a new cache to be able to see where existing puzzle/multi/LB/WiG etc physical caches are for proximity and where the posted icon will be, especially involving geoart.

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OK I know it's 6 months on, but....



Trying to set some new caches and looking on the map which has a lot of puzzles and multis and all the icons are shown on the map at the published co-ords and NOT where the cache is hidden, THIS MAKES IT REALLY DIFFICULT TO WORK OUT WHERE THERE ARE "GAPS" AVAILABLE FOR NEW CACHES.


Please can we either have found caches displayed on the map at the final co-ords, or at least have an option to toggle the placement.


The current system is RUBBISH and once again I'm having to resort to third party apps  to do what Geocaching.com can't do properly.


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