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Bug: multiple dollars in title affect format

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Multiple consecutive dollar signs in a cache title are treated as formatting characters rather than literals, and may not be displayed. It looks like $$ is markup to start/stop italics, and when present in a title, is not properly escaped at some point in processing. For example, see https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC6933_mulholland-cash

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Posted (edited)

This looks like MathJax being too greedy when hunting for equations on the page—notice that (La)TeX symbols can be typeset in the title (and also in the "hidden by" field.) This allows for some pretty scary-looking cache titles! (it could even be the puzzle!)


  • int2.PNG


  • old.PNG


The solution will be (for Groundspeak) to configure the x-mathjax-config options such that the processor is only run on the description. IIRC, this should work.

    elements: document.querySelectorAll(".UserSuppliedContent")


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Thanks for the reply, and sorry it took me so long to return. I've submitted a help request. No telling what it will take to get it past the front line ...

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