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A little bug in the iPhone and Android apps?


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Assume I have the following trivial way of hiding the coordinates on a cache page:

<font color="white"><marquee width="100" height="20">N60 08.XXX E18 01.XXX</marquee></font>

At geocaching.com the marquee is not shown unless you highlight it. But both in the iPhone and Android apps the coordinates are clearly shown in the cache description.

Not a big deal but slightly irritating.

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This topic probably belongs in the iPhone or Android app forums. 

I just did a test of this on one of my cache pages. Made 1 white marquee and 1 red marquee. 

the white one does not show up in the iPhone app when you are looking at the “web” view, but does show up on the “text” view. 

in my opinion, that’s not a bug. The purpose of the text view is to allow a mobile user to get a raw content view similar to a pc user doing “view source”

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In similar vein, a html comment in a waypoint note is displayed as normal text in the app, markup and all. 

I don’t really mind it as it gives new or non-technical cachers another way to find hidden information and they still need to go look at waypoints in the app so it doesn’t completely spoil everything. But it kind of feels like a bug nevertheless.

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