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I searched and found many instances of "explore", but none for Garmin Explore. I wonder why? Are people not using this app? It's awesome, if your gps is compatible.





I don't have a Garmin InReach, nor do I need one to use the site, as it says above. I bought a couple of 66S units the other day and so I downloaded the app to my iPhone and iPad, downloaded maps to the apps, and connected the apps to my 66 and lo and behold, tracks I had saved on my device are now showing up automatically in Explore. Pretty sweet!


I also had a lot of tracks saved on my Montana so I transferred some to the 66S using ANT+, and they also showed up in the apps on the phone and tablet. 


Doesn't get easier than that!





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4 hours ago, Cheminer Will said:

Maybe I have just not "explored" it enough to know what I am missing?  I do use Garmin's other three -  Express, Connect, and BaseCamp a lot, but not Explore.  I will follow this thread to see what I might be missing out on.


Do you have a compatible gps like the 66? There may be others with the same features, but the web site for Garmin Explore doesn't list any. aside from the 66.

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