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Captive bug


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Hello fellow adventurers! My beloved tb TB49QW9 has been on its way for more than 7 years and has managed a distance of almost 60 000 km. Unfortunately it has been trapped by a fellow geocacher who does not release it. Like this the bug cannot complete its mission. Allthough I have written the person in question a few times nothing has happend. The bug is NOT collectible!  How on earth can I get my bug released? What can I do?

Thanks for any ideas.




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Nothing you can do really.  You already mailed the "person" and nothing's happened.

The good n bad thing about "anyone can play".    :)

It looks like it was "trapped" by a few people, who allowed others to "discover" them while in their possession.  

Logs don't seem to say how so many are logging it from a "winter magic" event in February...

"Seen on tour, website or maybe at a event! Discovered it." kinda tells me it's now online somewhere, or on a list at faceboook.


It's possible that with this virus thing, some may not want to put it in a cache to finally move it on, but I feel odds are it's long-gone.

If you get a lot of Discover logs and it bugs you, you can lock it (under "Actions" to the right of the trackables page), and if someone actually finds it again, you can simply unlock it to let 'em visit days on end again.

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