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A Cache Without A Log

Team Troglodyte

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We as travelers have enjoyed placing cache all over from Texas to Mass. and back. We always count the # of items we place in this cache and put them out so we can keep track of when their gone. Because we can;t always stay on site to maintain this is our way of sharing with other states the fun of geocaching.

Like all other caches there is a risk of them being stolen or damaged but that the chance taken in any cache.

We have set out many cache that have ben archived when they were completed and never had problems with people trying to log something they should't. I think this type of cache should be allowed by goecaching.com as long as the owners are in contact with that site.

Maybe its time to develope temp cache sites they are very popular and great for diiferent holidays and seasons.

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Since event caches are really a one day (even certain time) thing, this, I think, would be different. For instance a X-mas cache that only lasts from Thanksgiving to X-mas .... or a B-day cache that contains X present to be given to the first X cachers. When the cache is empty, archive it.


Of course I don't see any reason you can't do it within the current structure. Just post a note when the cache is getting close to it's end so people won't search it after it's gone. In fact, edit the cache to warn people that it's leaving soon.


Anyone hunting a cache that they last printed more than a week or two ago is just being silly. I do have some that I haven't had time to find that I printed FOREVER ago BUT, I'll double check them before I go find them at this point.





~ The Li'l Bears icon_rolleyes.gificon_rolleyes.gif from Lexington, KY

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