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Transfer a cartrige built with Urwigo to Wherigo.com getting error messages, unable to activate it

Wa wa

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I Created a Wherigo using Urwigo in 2016 called A Fairy needs your help https://coord.info/GC6NFR0. Just like the fairy I need some advice now to activate this cartridge on a different platform. The cartridge was uploaded on the Wherigo foundation website and is working perfectly. Yesterday I got a message from HQ saying

“It was brought to our attention that the cartridge required to play this Wherigo Cache is not uploaded on Wherigo.com but on an alternative platform. This does not meet the Wherigo Cache guidelines. Please upload the cartridge on the correct platform. Thank you for your understanding.”

Now I spent yesterday trying to upload the cartridge to Wherigo.com. I get an error message when it comes to activating the cartridge that says:

“An Error Has Occurred

Your request has resulted in an error. Please return to this site's home page to continue.” I don’t have any more information about why this error is occurring and am stuck in a loop.


So I can see the cartridge has been uplpaded a few times when I check under my profile it’s there, as you can see in the image below.. However I cant activate it. I’ve tried with the source code, the lua file, zipped files, unzipped files and I get the same error message


Is this happening because I used Urwigo, is that why the file is not compatible? Can anyone please offer some advice that would allow me to activate the file on Wherigo.com? I am not the most technical of people and would really appreciate some help.It would be a shame if a working Wherigo gets the chop as its not on the right platform


Kind Regards


uploaded wherigo.JPG

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Yeah, HTML has never been supported in descriptions.  Also, being able to delete unused cartridges from one's list of uploaded cartridges has been one of the top requests for the site since it came out in January 2008.  I've long since given up reporting those issues.  Early on, it became a running gag in the monthly meetings I had: "Did you fix the site problems yet?"  "No."  "Okay, moving on."  (It was either make it into a running gag or get really depressed at things going nowhere.)

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