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Editor remove some of the HTML-tags in pictures

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There is something wrong with the editor. If I edit the size of a picture, it removes the width/height tag next time it's saved ... Example:


I have three pictures,  I want to have on the same line. Therefore I edit the width for all of them: 



I hit SAVE & PREVIEW , and the result is as I want it to be:



- and the HTML looks fine: 



Now I reopen the editor to add some text (or anything else). After saving, the result is this: 




... and all the styling code is gone :(




((This last picture shouldn't be here! )image.png)

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same picture twice
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The WYSIWYG editor itself strips out some html. If you edit the HTML source directly and save, some of that will remain. I have to get in the habit of NOT using the inline preview with the editor, lest I lose some of the formatting I've added in HTML. I also tend to copy all the html before saving or previewing anything just in case my pretty html markup gets mangled.

Every time I edit a listing I toy with what the website will save and what it will strip away. The CSS can be hit and miss (and often expands short form standard css to individual properties, which is quite annoying)

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58 minutes ago, thebruce0 said:

The WYSIWYG editor itself strips out some html. ...


I know. And I take the same precautions as you do, if I've entered some HTML myself, but in this case it is code that the WYSIWYG editor itself has generated.

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