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My first location is using the image as part of a puzzle to be solved. The builder suggests very generous image sizes but the app crops it down to a narrow band. At a minimum tell us the visible dimensions and how the crop is done (it looks centered vertically and horizontally). I can understand why using the full image is a problem as it could easily push all the description text below the fold. Allowing richer text (Markup) in the description, like links and images would help but is a larger undertaking. 

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OK, I tried shrinking the image until it was only 100 pixels tall and the cropping remained the same but the image is much fuzzier. It looks like the algorithm is roughly whatever image size is used, fit it to a Procrustean bed by shrinking or stretching it to around 300px and crop off about the top and bottom 20% of what results to display. This is annoying. I will have to tell the user to click on the image to see it fully.  Maybe more generous margins around the important part will do the trick. Sigh.

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Yep, that faked it out the cropping. However, there does seem to be a light gray cast (the background color) layered over the image. My yellow colored circle was #a68f04 and it now shows as #ffdc06. However, a new consequence of faking it out appears to be that tapping the image no longer opens a separate view where the whole image can be seen in its true colors. I don't need pixel perfect colors but the gray cast is not helpful. Thwarted at every turn.


Gray cast version.PNG

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