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  1. Let me offer a recently reincarnated challenge trail we put out around here. A few pre-moratorium caches are in it but most are under the new guidelines. The goal was to make interesting ones under the new guidelines. Feel free to crib ideas as some of these were cribbed from other creative folks. GC3F12D Neglected Cache Challenge GC55XPN The Bigcall Challenge: A Baker's Dozen GC55XP0 The Bigcall Challenge: Nifty Fifty GC980EH 365 Unknown Dates Hidden Challenge GC980EK Feet Under the Sea, Head In the Clouds Challenge GC980EJ All The Attributes Challenge GC9838K The Golden State Challenge GC9839B The Best Finds Challenge GC9838Z The Perfect Country & Western Song Challenge GC9834G Globetrotter Challenge GC9834D The Island Life Is For Me Challenge GC9838F Virtual 👻 Border to Border Challenge GC98388 5 states*100 Finds Iconic Challenge GC9838P Iconic Traveler Challenge GC9834N Every Day Hidden Challenge GC98396 The Bay Area Puzzlers Challenge GC98393 The Taking a Long Lunch Challenge GC98341 Largest Counties Challenge GC9839N Road Less Traveled Challenge! GC9833X Wherigo Quarter Century Challenge GC98347 So Easy a Child Could Do It Challenge GC9838D It's Five O'Clock Somewhere Challenge GC995K7 Mysteries Across The USA Challenge GC995K2 5 Types x 10 States Challenge GC99842 Historic Alameda County Caches Challenge GC99A3G The Demented Diminishing Dozen Challenge GC99AD4 1000 km Altitude Challenge GC99ACQ The Blue or the Gray Challenge GC9986G Hazards of Geocaching Attributes CHALLENGE 313 GC9986J Accessible Attainable Attributes CHALLENGE 1313 GC99X8B The Lazy Cacher Challenge GC9A2N2 The Good N.E.W.S. or Bad N.E.W.S. Challenge GC99EMN The 3.5 Billion Year Challenge GC99AE7 Well-Traveled Cacher: Degree Squares
  2. Further on this topic now that Perseverance has landed. The recent extension to Earthcaches showing geology and features of planetary bodies exemplified on Earth is a perfect fit for the naming scheme to be used with the Perseverance Rover. "As Perseverance explores the Martian surface, the science team will assign unofficial names to especially interesting regions, features, and samples. This naming system is similar to the one used to name the Mars locations that the Curiosity rover has explored on Mars. For Perseverance, the team has divided up the entire landing site, Jezero Crater, into squares. Each square will be matched to national parks and preserves on Earth with similar geology. As a nod to the diversity of the international science team, the plan is to find matching sites in countries that have contributed to the mission. As the rover explores Jezero Crater, any time the team sees an interesting feature, they will name it for a corresponding location here on Earth." Creating a matching Earthcache would let us explore Mars by proxy.
  3. The interactive parts were done in JavaScript hosted on a website with free hosting. The JS gives you a code to enter to complete the AL location.
  4. They put release note updates for the Geocaching app. Why not the Adventure Lab one? Different team I suspect not clued into the procedures. The update was not on FB either.
  5. Shouldn't release notes be included in that forum? There don't appear to be any. The latest iOS update, for example.
  6. In the light of complaints about the Adventure Lab App using the phone battery more heavily than other caching apps, I tried to gather data and see. The settings were: - iPhone 11/iOS 14.2 - Max screen brightness on - All other apps killed - Background app refresh off - Screen sleep: never - Battery 100% (full) at start - 1 hour duration for each experiment - Radio settings varied because the AL app won't run in airplane mode Baseline for screen usage: airplane mode max screen for an hour consumes 13% of the battery Adventure Lab Apo: Just wifi on. Device was moved around during the hour while the app showed "Get Closer" screen with switch to Compass screen now and then. 14% used so breakdown: AL App 1%, Screen 13% Cachly: Device moved around during the hour with app doing an alert on target proximity to be similar to AL case. Note: all radios were on accidentally so Cellular and Bluetooth may have taken some power that AL experiment didn't see. 15% used so breakdown: Cachly 2%, Screen 13% After completing the Cachly experiment, I turned on background app refresh and the battery dropped quickly to 17% used. Only apps up at that point were Mail and Facebook which suggests you might not want these running, even in background, when you are out caching. HQ Geocaching App: Device moved around during the hour with app navigating to a cache. Map screen used. Cellular radio on. Others off. 18% used so breakdown: App 5%, screen 13% Conclusions: My main inference (no surprise) is that the phone screen will eat most of your power. So why the perception that the AL app uses much more of your battery than other caching activities? My suspicion is that ALs lack good map support compared to mainline geocaching apps so wandering around trying to get closer means you have to keep the screen on all the time. With other caching apps, you can see the trail where the cache is and you can often put the phone away for some time until you get close. With Cachly proximity alerting, you can do one better by putting a proximity alert on the target and put the phone away -- almost no screen usage so most of the 13% screen usage vanishes. Limitations: - Battery usage numbers are pretty coarse on iOS so at least +/- 1% error - I cannot comment on Android usage as I don't have one. - An experiment I did not try was to use the AL app vibration when near the goal to reduce need to look at screen. This assumes it works in background mode
  7. There is no mechanism for opt-out of showing who did the AL unlike logs on the main site so I'd guess privacy legal worries led to its removal.
  8. What vintage of iPhone? Age of battery?
  9. Seems very reasonable to me. A bit over a month ago HQ said "we are working on improvements to the login process for the Wherigo® app for iOS and anticipate those will be completed in 2-3 weeks. This will likely require you to download a new version of the app for the updates." Also if you do move to iOS, take a look at Cachly - a really good choice for cachers on iOS.
  10. Feedback from a FB thread on battery usage. More comments are likely over there including some indication of user platform in use. Still, some attention to optimizing for battery usage in the future might be in order. "I use the main hq app and I can run it all day long with only minor boosts from my in car charger. 40 caches later still at 80%. The AL lab nearly zeroed my phone in under 3 hours. With the AL app open, screen off, phone charging in the car charger for 20 minutes it didn't gain 2%. I finally closed the AL app and 20 minutes later I had gained 40%. The AL lab app definitely kills your battery. Bad programming. I regularly run 4 apps (waze, life360, geocaching and Allstars, not to mention google) at the same time that are using the GPS and maps and don't have a problem ." "AL apps poorly optimized I confirm it's eating battery like crazy" "The AL app is _by far_ the worst battery eater I have on my phone. My phone (and its battery) is not the newest one, and playing AL depletes up to 50% of my battery within 1 hour! WIth "normal usage" during caching (GPS active, map is sometimes displayed, etc.), my phone lasts about 4 to 5 hours. I never go out caching without an external battery pack . And despite the high power use, the overall performance, e.g. when trying to zoom/scroll the map, is by far the worst of all map-displaying apps I have. Zooming the map becomes almost impossible, if a lot of ALs (40+) are displayed. OTOH, e.g. Google Maps is perfectly working even in city areas where hundreds of symbols appear on screen at the same time."
  11. I can't say a lot but I've been a beta tester for the revised iOS Wherigo app. It will be a newer look and some new features. That said, if the cartridge itself has problems this will not magically fix those. Hopefully the wait won't be too much longer.
  12. I'm sure there are multiple channels of communication because not everyone is here or on Facebook, etc. Getting feedback from multiple channels has the best chance of hearing from a larger audience. I can understand directing Facebook users to use the app. Facebook has a way of making a post vanish after you have seen it once. Not easy to go back and look at it again
  13. On Facebook, AL group, the head of the AL team requested that feedback be sent via the Feedback mechanism built into the Adventure Lab app and that way it would get to the whole AL team.
  14. Has this field been removed and a guid is always used? I'm seeing more labs with GUIDs and not short names. I could imagine name collisions might be a reason for auto assigning a name but they're not very user-friendly. I guess the QR code is the answer to that.
  15. At one time, deleting a stage could cause the app to crash. Not sure if this is still the case. Put a large fence on it and give people the answer to deactivate a stage.
  16. Highly likely that it was delisted by Apple after failing to update to latest iOS releases.
  17. Anyone know why and how to get it restored? iOS users are out of luck if they don't already have the app.
  18. My two non-"magical history tour" ones involving puzzle solving at each location rather than seeking a word have had mixed results. Getting puzzles that can be done in the field that are not too easy or not too hard is tricky. I ensured everyone could finish by providing a graduated set of hints (easy, extended, answer). "Very cool lab cache. While we tried to solve each stage , sorry to say we had to resort to the final hint on most of the stages." "This is a super fun and very imaginative adventure. We needed to utilize the hints on several occasions but they allowed us to progress through the adventure. Thanks for a new type of adventure!" "The puzzles were too hard with too many steps of some sort of mind reading. Had to resort to the hints for all of them and even to the answer for some." Note: I fixed the "mind reading" one to remove a non-intuitive leap to the answer. The user was correct in the assessment. '"Enjoyed this “puzzle” adventure - challenges that were imminently doable without any need of hints. Fun! Thanks for the adventure." "Really fun puzzles that were easy to do and felt very rewarding. This was a very fun adventure, if I could give it 6 stars I would!" "Fun adventure through a larger park than I realized! No trouble at any stage, though a little lateral thinking was required. Thanks!"
  19. I have to amend my earlier comments. I just edited the description and image on one of mine and the app showed the changes immediately. Maybe things have been improved with respect to updating cached data based on last edit time or something. I didn't mess with the question and answer so can't vouch for those.
  20. At least around here, at least one provided a mystery to be solved or an AL completed to find the bonus. Some did it old school, most did the AL. There is no way to indicate T1 for an AL. I have one such and had to note it in the description. This is on my list of desired features.
  21. The guidelines are silent on this point so I think those respecting non-AL participating players would add an alternate option to their bonus mystery cache to find it without doing the AL.
  22. Allowing extra waypoints would help here too but you are right, a better map for trails would help.
  23. I dug through lots of the threads here and compiled this list of things people want. Nice to see it all in once place. Hopefully of use to the AL team. App features wanted (in some roughly descending order of requests) Ability to hide completed adventures from map Show Labs on the Geocaching search map (likely just the owning instance and not all locations) Export GPX of start and locations. Lincoln Highway is a great use case for this. Only for non-linear ones. Find a way to show completion journal info for last stage in conjunction with asking for rating and log. Contact AL owner from App Way to give DNF style feedback if you have problems and can't complete the AL. On iOS allow selecting part of description text. Android can but iOS only offers Copy of all of it. Easier way to get lab url from map view to share with others Make closed captioning work for embedded YouTube player Allow extra waypoints where trails may have options and /or a Map choice to see trails -To see completed locations of an AL, tap the map at the bottom of main page to see the locations. Very well hidden. Improve discoverability. Are opted-out users honored when logging ALs? Make closed captioning on videos able to be enabled in app Let videos play in landscape mode Don't shutoff background music when starting app Builder features wanted Rich format the description text i.e markdown support Allow longer main description and location descriptions. Lots of folks struggle with 1024. Owner notifications of completed labs (separate location notification maybe) Leaderboard is useless as all it ever shows is first 3 to complete and the rankings will never change so not really a leaderboard after first 3 completions. See all completion finds in time order. Epilog screen seen after completing the AL (good for bonus cache info or link to bonus cache). Balance this with the desire to get the user to rate and write a comment. Epilog screen could offer a final completion video. Maybe make the last stage just like all the others but Continue from it triggers the rating and log. Way to indicate T1 for wheelchair users YouTube video on main page to set context for AL player View each location of the AL description in a web browser to better plan your outing/interest (limited to non-sequential adventures. Ability to go to the lab URL with resume=yes taking you to the next location. Makes integration with other tools easier. Right now, the user has to tap Resume after getting back to the AL.
  24. I wonder if you have any data signal out near the end of the AL you abandoned. No amount of better maps is likely to help with locations needing good trail maps to reach. Still, I have gotten signal in unexpectedly remote places so who knows. Adding maps at least a good as what they offer for the Geocachinger app would be good.
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