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Bug: Incorrect Lab cache dates

the Seagnoid

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At first I thought this was a bug in the Adventure Lab mobile application, but it looks like it is a website processing fault. For countries that are a long timezone away from Seattle, the date a lab cache is posted in Geocaching.com varies. Note that I live in New Zealand, 20 hours ahead of Seattle.


I logged a lab cache approximately 8:30pm, New Zealand time, just after midnight of the same day, Seattle time. The date is correctly recorded in My profile > Geocaches > geocache finds > Lab caches, however the date here is not the date used to post the find into the general geocaching statistics. I am running a streak at the moment and and the streak was not updated after logging the adventure lab. Luckily I had found another cache so that my streak continues.


Please correct the dates that adventure labs are logged into geocaching statistics to ensure that it uses the date on the mobile device.


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Well, no it isn't. I reported this difference when it happened to me on a couple of Labs done late in 2019.  And I live inthe same time zone as Seattle, which leads me to believe it is using UTC, NOT Seattle time.  The January split is legit - there was a problem with two of the stages that we resolved about a week later.  But the two in December that are split were actually all done on two days, not 4 as shown.  And the stats on Geocaching.com still show them completed over two days each, not in one afternoon as we actually did them.




You can see it shows the date as UTC, rather than PST when we actually did the labs.  The actual date of completion was 12/23/19 and 13/30/19, but the ones we completed later in the afternoon are showing the next day.  Not a big deal for me as we typically find other geocaches on the days we've done the AL's,  and we get all 5 lab credits on our account.  It's just an oddity I'm aware of, and it hasn't changed even though others have said the time zone glitch is fixed.


The most recent AL I've done was in June of this year, and it's still recording the dates as UTC; we must have done it all the same day UTC as well as EDT.


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