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WHats the state of Wherigo?

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Whats the current state of Wherigo? Is it dead? I mean: The listed clients are from 2008, the iPhone app is 4 years old and not yet optimized for newer models (resolution etc). The rating isnt that good as well.


I opened a ticket at GC (I hoped they'll forward it to Groundspeak HQ) but I got:




Thank you for contacting Geocaching HQ.

At this time we not able to provide technical support for Wherigo Caches. Please try posting your question in the Wherigo forums. Geocachers in these forums can usually provide you with the best support.

Best regards,



Anyone who can tell me the future of Wherigo?

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Nearly a year later and no replies. I guess no answer is an answer?


I really, really want to get into building WIG caches, I can see a lot of potential. But it does not seem to be worth the effort to get a working cartridge going.

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I think Groundspeak is pouring more effort into their Adventure Labs at the moment.  After thirteen years of Wherigo, I'm used to it.  And after thirteen years of Wherigo, I still run across cachers who call me because they don't realize when they get to a zone and nothing happens that they might want to check to see if there's an NPC with whom to interact.  (To the person who did call me on Saturday, I mean no disrespect.  This is just a great example of how something this flexible might not be readily apparent to everyone.)

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